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Shamanism is a way of healing our past and bringing our lives into balance or harmony so that we can experience the joy of right relationship with our surroundings.  Shamanic knowledge and practices originated in the Himalayas over 40,000 years ago and have been practiced in most countries of the world.  These timeless teachings belong to no one and to everyone. 

Three Streams of Shamanism

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Three Streams

About Us

Marv & Shanon Harwood

Kimmapii was founded by Shanon and Marv Harwood.


The purpose of their school is to further the coming of the prophecy that Eagle and Condor will fly together, sharing equally in the same sky.


To this end, the Harwood’s teach three different shamanic streams or pathways.  These three alternate pathways all lead to the same ultimate goal of becoming one with Spirit.

Kimmapii is a contraction of the Blackfoot phrase “Ikimmapii’ipiitsi”, the name given to our company by Spiritual Elders, Joe and Josephine Crowshoe of the Piikaani Nation.  It is literally translated, “to help, to care”. In giving the name, the Crowshoes instructed the Harwoods to “help bridge the gap between people”.

About Us
The Travelling Shaman
Travelling Workshops ~

We come to you!  Gather together a group of friends, clients or colleagues and we’ll come to your location: 


✦ to teach a class or a workshop

✦ to do a presentation or speaking engagement

✦ to offer one-on-one healing sessions while on-site at your location for a workshop or presentation ~ calling on more than our 25 years of individual healing experience

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Ancient Site Tours ~

As part of our training programs we take tours to various significant sites with our students, from 8000 year old Medicine Wheels in Alberta to such famous ones as Maachu Piichu abroad.

Join us on our next adventure!

The Travelling Shaman
Contact Us
403-627-3756  (Main)
403-607-8600  (Cell)

Box 144 Cowley,
Alberta, Canada
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