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Energetic Shamanism

Fire tradition from the Q’ero Inka Lineage of the South; helping people to remember and work with their own sacred path.   In Energetic Shamanism, the student will learn about the luminous energy field, that envelope of pure light energy that surrounds our bodies and contains the information of our woundings. The shaman understands that much of our healing is achieved through working successfully with this luminous energy field.


Kimmapii offers the following workshops in the Energetic Stream

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Energetic Shamanism
The Shaman's Altar

The Shaman’s Altar is a series of four weekend classes spread out over approximately 16 months.  In this class, the student will learn to heal various aspects of their lives during which time they will create their own personal “Mesa”, a key shamanic healing tool.  Upon completion of all 4 classes, participants graduate as full Mesa carriers. 

Altar Workshops:
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Shaman's Altar
Graduate Level Workshops
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Entity Extraction

Redeeming the Fragmented Soul

Death Rites

Loaded Toolkits

Advanced Tracking & Client Work

Grad Workshops
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