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Travelling Workshops

Travelling Workshops

We come to you!

A new initiative to bring affordable, high quality Shamanic teaching to you and your group.  We come to you rather than you and your group having to travel to our location. We are pleased to offer one low fee for your workshop.  Call us to be pleasantly surprised at how affordable we’ve made The Travelling Shaman.

1/2 Day Workshops

Animistic - The Ways of the Old People

Energetic - Dining with the Beloved

Destinistic - Primary Rituals

1 Day Workshop

Animistic - Spirit Drum (plus supply cost)

Energetic - Despachos

Destinistic - Dealing with Conflict, Issues & Themes

2 Day Workshops

Animistic - The Medicine Pipe

Energetic - Change Your Story

Destinistic - Spirit Speaks

To set up your Canadian workshop

1)   Select the workshop that you would like to offer your community

2)    Call us to discuss date, minimum # of participants, and details

3)    Begin your promotion to secure attendess as discussed

4)   Secure a suitable facility 

      - i.e. community hall / party room 

5)    Call us to confirm your date in our calendar

Friday Eve/ Sat/ Sun Workshops

Animistic - Portals

Energetic - Mosoq Rites

Destinistic - Tarot & Astrology

3 Day Workshops

Animistic - The Medicine Bundle (by special request)

Energetic - The Shaman's Altar

Destinistic - It Depends on Who's Looking

To set up your International workshop

1)   Select the workshop that you would like to offer your community

2)    Call us to discuss date, our fee and details

3)    Set your pricing and begin your promotion

4)   Secure a suitable facility 

      - i.e. community hall / party room

5)    Call us to confirm your date in our calendar

Ancient Site Tours

Magical Places....

In Alberta, we are fortunate to live in an area full of ancient sites.  These sites, including medicine wheels, buffalo jumps and native camp sites provide us the opportunity to honour the core Animistic stream of Shamanism that we teach.  We regularly take tours to, train and conduct ceremonies at many of these locations.


Further afield, we often travel to Peru to honour the origins of the Energetic stream of Shamanism that we teach.  Here, we study the culture and practices of the people who created the ancient sites of The Sacred Valley.  

Stay Tuned !!

Interesting developments are unfolding for Peru.. TBA on the dates

Ancient Site Tours

One-on-One Healing




Life Not Working

Victim of Sorcery    

Unexplained Illness




Shamanic healing sessions can help you get back to balance and break free of these and other afflictions.  Are you ready to work?

Long-Distance or In-Person

To Book a Session call (403) 607-8600

$60 per session

Congratulations to the Winners of our One-on-One Contest!

We are very pleased to announce the following three names were drawn from submissions as winners: 


Jennifer Unger       Matthew Carchidi        Jen Dubon


We look forward to hearing back from all three of our winners so that we can arrange their free one-on-one healing session. 


Thanks to everyone who participated. 



Marv & Sam

Course Descriptions

The Ways of the Old People

An informal look at the roles of the masculine and the feminine in the plains native traditions and how they are reflected in ceremony and ritual ~ and why they have worked so well for so many centuries.

Dining with The Beloved

A close look at the Shaman’s Mesa.  A workshop to analyze your life in it’s present form and how working with a Mesa can change it dramatically.  Nothing is constant - not even our relationship with The Divine.

Primary Rituals

The opportunity to learn one of the 10 Primary Rituals and use it to shift your relationship with an Archetype.  This workshop is designed to tackle one profound, on-going problem pattern in your life and then work directly with an Archetypal Energy to transform it. 

Spirit Drum

In this workshop, you will create a personal Spirit Drum with your own hands the way that the indigenous Plains Native people once did.  More importantly, you will then embark on a Vision Quest to learn what Spirit’s purpose for you and your drum really is. 


There is nothing quite a magical as Sacred Ceremony.  This  workshop is designed to teach the wonder and awe of one of the most cherished ceremonies from Shamanism; the Despacho. You will learn all aspects of the Despacho  - from its elemental makeup to its ancient symbolism to its intent and ceremonial practices and uses.

Dealing with Conflicts, Issues and Themes

Working with the directions from “It Depends on Who’s Looking - The Archetype Project, this workshop brings those methodologies directly into the workshop environment to enable the participant to address either a conflict, issue or theme from their lives.

The Medicine Pipe

To build a Medicine Pipe is to embark on a journey of discovery; about the “power of the pipe” and discovery about yourself and who you are in relation to this ceremonial shamanic companion.

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Our lives are made up of story.  As we move through life, we are living and re- living elements of this same story.  It stalks us, trapping us in the same repetitive patterns, issues and pitfalls.  This workshop allows you to step outside and review the life story you have been living.  It provides strategies to make changes and bring new direction to that life. By actively participating in creating a new story, you can choose your destiny rather than being swept along by fate, thus allowing yourself to step into a place of service in the world.

Spirit Speaks

Spirit Speaks is a comprehensive study in Divination that affords the Shaman an opportunity to see inside the momentum tunnel with a wide variety of tools, some of which include: Casting, Tarot, Fire Reading, Stone Reading, Egg Reading, I-Ching, Body Reading, Astrology & Eye to Eye Tracking.  A “just for fun” workshop that guarantees to enhance your tracking skills.


Portals are Shamanic gateways to worlds beyond our consciousness, worlds where true healing exists and miracles happen.  In this workshop you will encounter animistic guides; archetypes whose attributes reflect the energetics of that Portal.  These guides will act as your emissary to help you manifest the life changing characteristics that each Portal has for us.  

The Mosoq Rites

This workshop was first offered to our students during the Peru 2014 trip.  It is an ancient Q’ero Rite passed down through generations since the time of the Inca.  It is given to people in need of rebuilding their work power, their love power, their mind power ~ and bringing themselves into balance.  It recognizes that life grinds us down and depletes our life force.

Tarot & Astrology

This stand-alone workshop takes the individual modalities of Astrology and Tarot, and  integrates them into a powerful, predictive tool.  This workshop is valuable to both the individual and the healing practitioner as you learn to dive in and quickly pull yourself out of the Momentum Tunnel to “see” the probabilities that lie ahead. 

The Medicine Bundle

Medicine Bundles have been created and used by Shamans and Medicine People in many areas of the world since before the beginning of recorded time.  Although often associated with North American Plains Native people, the creation of Medicine Bundles far transcends these geographic boundaries.  This specialized, 6-part workshop studies the development of Medicine Bundles in various parts of the world, then guides the participant in creating their own personal Medicine Bundle. This series is an in-depth immersion into Animistic Shamanism and shows how a 40,000 year old tradition can be so applicable to solving problems in our lives today. ** Some conditions apply - call us for more details.

The Shaman’s Altar

This is the class where you step onto the Shaman's Path to begin creating your own Shamanic Mesa as you journey around the medicine wheel of the Inka tradition.  Maybe you have simply felt drawn to these timeless teachings for a long time, or maybe you have already experienced transformative healing sessions... this training will guide you into your becoming.  Now, more than ever, the powerful teachings of the ancient lineage are as relevant in our modern world as they were 40,000 years ago.  This is the class that changes everything!

It Depends on Who’s Looking

This is your chance to look closely at the issues in your life and see what, or more accurately, WHO has been driving them and WHY!  This intense, consolidated workshop will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and help you to learn to work directly with Archetypes to redesign chosen areas of your life. Your personal Archetype Life Chart is the key - a blueprint for how you organized your relationship with the very organizing principles of the universe.

Graduate Level Courses


Walking the path of the Shaman in integrity calls for the knowledge and tools to protect yourself and others. This essential workshop is a prerequisite for all advanced graduate level workshops - whether you intend to work with clients or simply protect yourself as a Shaman walking in a world of diverse energies coming from every possible source. Protections provides invaluable and practical tools for dealing with sorcery consciously and with full awareness. 


When energies or entities embed themselves into our clients for whatever reason, extracting them is a skill that the Shaman needs to hone. This workshop will cover everything from egg extractions to sucking extractions to underworld extractions; and of course the removal of crystallized energies. Most importantly we will delve into why your client attracted the energy/entity in the first place and steps you can take to help prevent them from re-infecting. 

Redeeming the Fragmented Soul

This comprehensive immersion into the field of Soul Retrieval integrates the Animistic, the Energetic and the Destinistic streams of Shamanism in a unique one of a kind workshop series. This two-part "practitioners" series outlines the basic premise, understandings and misunderstandings surrounding Soul Retrieval. In Part 1 you learn the rules and the fundamentals while in Part 2 you learn to "do the dance". Redeeming the Fragmented Soul offers the practitioner the one tool that is to be used only "when all else fails".

Loaded Toolkits

This workshop combines the three different streams of Shamanism, to place you in the best position to serve the needs of the individual, whether that individual is a client or whether it’s you!  This course relies heavily of case studies where one or more of the Shamanic tools have been successfully employed to help you discern which tool might be the best choice for which type of situation.  This workshop is designed to hone your tracking, your ability to select the appropriate tool, or tools, and your proficiency in applying your knowledge and skills. Finally, we introduce and work with a number of new tools for you to add to your toolkit.

Advanced Tracking & Client Work

For the Shaman who wishes to further their skill levels, there are 3 areas where they must become proficient: Tracking, Illumination & Extraction. In this Graduate Level Workshop you will learn the Client Intake Process to: 1) Master advanced tracking methods 2) Hone your skills with the illumination process, and 3) Ensure your competence with extraction removal just in case you need to grab that particular tool from your toolbox

Myths, Maps & Stories

A full 3-day workshop designed to offer two full days of deep personal work, examining your own myths, maps and stories and then preparing you to identify and evaluate those of a client.  The on Sunday, your final day, you will be paired with a one-on-one client to afford you the opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learned as a senior Shaman.

Course Descriptions
Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Upcoming Workshops:


Andean Workshop & Wisdom Journey

May 8 -11, 2024

Misty Ridge Retreat

112196 266 Ave W,  Foothills No. 31 AB T1S 3B4


$649 CAD (Tax included)

Pre-requisite:  Puma Orqo Peru



The South

June 7 - 9, 2024

Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill 

202 Powderkeg Drive, Blairmore AB


Workshop Fee $499 (Tax Included)

(plus $200 deposit for The East)

No Pre-requisite Required



Ancient Water Rite Ceremony

July 20, 2024

1-5 pm

Ceremony -  Blessing of the Mountain Waters

Pot Luck & Social to follow

Cottonwood Campground

Pincher Creek, AB


(pot luck item for reciprocity)



Practitioner Training Sessions

Training will be scheduled upon enrolment of 10 participants.

All 4 sessions will be provided within a 3 month time-frame.

Click Here

Misty Ridge Retreat

112196 266 Ave W,  Foothills No. 31 AB T1S 3B4


$749 CAD (Tax included)

No Pre-requisite Required



The West

October 4 - 6, 2024

Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill 

202 Powderkeg Drive, Blairmore AB


Workshop Fee $499 (Tax Included)

Pre-requisite:  The South



A Tango Between The Worlds

January 24 - 27 2025

½ Days

Facility:  Hacienda Lord Twigg (to be confirmed)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


Workshop Fee $399 CAD (Tax Included)

No Pre-requisite Required


Contact us for more information, to set up an event, or join in an upcoming workshop.   

Kimmapii monitors public interest and then schedules classes/travel accordingly. 

This Calendar is updated frequently as courses are added, so be sure to check back here often,    or let us know if you would like to be added to our mailing list.

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