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Destinistic Shamanism

Destinistic Shamanism is an examination of the life path we have set up for ourselves in this particular incarnation. 

Here we study the powerful influences of Archetypal Energies in our lives, learn how to use numerous tools

to determine where we are at on our journey, and most importantly, how to renegotiate our relationships with The Archetypes to co-create a rich destiny for ourselves rather than accepting a meagre fate. 

New Websites!

We are excited to announce that Kimmapii has been expanding. 

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Destinistic Shamanism
Our Sister Sites
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Currency is a speculative fiction novel; a face-paced expose of the value system that is driving our world.

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Come and work with The Archetypes - those magnificent, energetic forces that influence your every thought, feeling & action - every minute of every day!


Kimmapii offers several workshops in the Destinistic Stream

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Sister Sites
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