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Animistic Shamanism

forest plants and moss

Often associated with indigenous cultures that work with animal, bird and plant allies for healing - this is the earth tradition.   In the Animistic, we work with the wisdom and properties of the animal, bird and plant allies to effect healing at the personal, family and community levels.


Kimmapii offers the following workshops in the Animistic Stream

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Animistic Shamanism
a buffalo
a raven
Examples of Past Portals:  Buffalo & Raven

Kimmapii is pleased to offer this workshop series as an effective tool for solving many of life’s major problems.  As part of our Animistic training you will work with Animistic Archetypes as allies. 


There are a series of 9 Portals, 8 of which may be taken as stand-alone workshops.  To take the ninth Portal, the participant must have taken the other 8.  Upon completion of all 9 Portals, the Shaman will have a complete Amopistaan or healing bag.


By definition, the Shaman is a traveler between worlds.  To effectively fulfill this role, the Shaman must be able to access parallel worlds at will and be comfortable therein.  In each Portals workshop, you will work with a bird or animal ally who will guide you across the veil through the Portal into the new world. 

The Spirit Drum
a drum

A two-part workshop: “The Spirit Drum” is no ordinary drum.  It is a sacred instrument whose voice speaks directly to The Great Spirit on behalf of the drummer.  Over two sessions the participants in this ceremonial workshop will create their own personal Spirit Drum.  The frame is from the body of the maple tree and the drum skin from the skin of Wapiti (the elk).  The joining of the Spirits of these entities with that of the drum maker begins the profound journey of Drum creation.

Spirit Drum
Unravelling Sorcery
Unraveling Sorcery
a person looking through a peep hole

A workshop designed to demonstrate how pervasive sorcery is; how to recognize when you’ve been hit and how to deal with it ~ but primarily, how to  relieve a client who has become the unfortunate victim of sorcery.  In this workshop, we will call on our animistic allies to assist us in the tracking and energetic dismantling of sorcery.

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