Group 1

Members: Paula, Kathryn, Dennis, Jean, Martha, Jenell, Keli

We broke things up into two categories of what we could do on an individual level and within a collective.





a. Meditation/prayer


c. Take action


e. Take care of ourselves and surroundings

f. Educate ourselves and our children

g. Seek out and nourish ourselves and our children with life giving water




b. Power in numbers

c. Share power

d. Community change – ie. Garden





a. Self aware/meditation/prayer



a. Several of us saw a triangle. The triangle had the foundation (or bottom) as the learning and awareness of LOVE. The top tip is Spirit and Divine. The sides are the pathways/journeys people go on to connect with Spirit.

b. Lead by example





a. Expression

b. Listening

c. Awareness



a. Gather people

b. Drumming circles

c. Singing circles

d. Honoring Mother Earth circles and gatherings





a. Feel Love

b. Be Love

c. Project Love



a. Ceremony

b. Support others to connect to love


Group 2

Members:  Michael, Mary Gale, Shalaya, Natalie, Christine, Les


Our group was given a very basic introduction to the Council Fire Ceremony. Essentially, it’s an ancient Indigenous method for decision making, and it also allows for guidance from the ancestors (opens a portal).

The Council Fire process is heavily influenced by the Iroquois confederacy. It also shares much in common with the Blackfoot and Inuit traditions. This ancient method of decision making was nearly universal among all the indigenous peoples of North America. 

The basic introduction did take some time away from our group discussion. We found the process to support a very respectful conversation between all group members. All members were able to share their thoughts as equals in a protected circle. This method of decision making (the council fire) requires the entire group to arrive at a consensus. 

While we did not arrive at a collective decision for our group’s mission, we felt confident that we would eventually accomplish this goal if given more time. The following notes were recorded from our conversation and include visions and messages derived from the Stone Dance process. 


Literal -  A culture of Love, the need to Spread love

Image - spreading an energy dome or shroud of Love over the Earth, image of a female spreading her arms over the entire Earth


Ceremony - we recognize that it’s important to our work and to the collective consciousness of humanity. Awakening humanity with Ceremony 


Water- the need to mitigate the critical problem of plastics and pollutants within the Earth’s oceans

Imagery - that of Women gathering stones and placing them in aprons, 


Underwater solutions; potentially connected with the archetype Poseidon. Image of a great Eye, it belongs to a large sea creature.


Taking care of the existing children within our world, while encouraging a decrease in human propagation, we must curb over population of the planet.    


Encourage Community Gardening, learning to grow local, educating public on how to accomplish this. Lead by example, participate and pioneer a local project. 

Message of men defending an elephant, all the smaller puzzle pieces coming together in order to create the whole, the bigger picture.

Imagery of the human body’s connective tissues, the muscles, and a lack of flexibility.  This Represents the rigidity of our current world paradigm, and the need to move out of our comfort zones to expand or minds to new possibilities.   

Humanity generally reacts to a crisis, often with an irrational or heavy-handed response. How can we create a proactive culture, that is compassionate, wise, and of a higher consciousness?

Imagery -  Mother Earth becoming more flexible herself, theres a scene of a hill with two trees upon it, one tree gains the ability to get up and walk away from the other if it so chooses. 

Imagery - Energetic Shroud of Love encompassing the entire planet


Ceremony’s are integral to our path forward. We can learn and gain wisdom from the ancient indigenous decision-making processes. We can adopt a universal respect for the natural world and all life within it. 


Visions of various cataclysms: Tsunamis, hurricanes, intense storms - targeting the US

Europe, Africa, India, all in turmoil, people crying out

South East Asia, and middle East- violence, riots, upheaval, war

Global temperature rising, above the earth, a strong Fiery Dragon, an evil symbol of the corruptions within the leadership of the world.

Droughts on the West coast, flooding to the South, all the Americas involved.

A time to offer up prayers and ceremony to honor Mother Earth  


Mythic – Literal struggle, woman holding arms up, holding wisdom, holding universal power, draining negative energy and fear, projecting Love

Energetic - Imagery- Humanity’s arms extending outward, holding hands stretching around the entire planet. An awakened group of people all holding hands around the Earths equator.


We must be willing to lead, to show the way, Projecting Love instead of fears, defeating the negative fiery dragon, many enlightened groups, collectively working towards creating positive change.




Group 3

Members:  Marla, Mary D, Chelsea, Heather, Laurie, Susan


We compared our Stone Dance journeys, finding differences and common ground.


Anger, disappointment, frustration – no one listening to Mother Earth.

Just love Me.

Heart energy; heating up. Balance


Doesn’t matter, anxiety, young.

Beware of interactions, sending negative energy into the world.

Children – teach respect and love.

Flying, expansive. No little people. Expand ourselves.

Destruction, imbalance. Masculine, feminine energies.

Heart energy. Heavy constriction of the chest.

Connect with Mesa, Bundle, ritual.


Protecting Mother Earth for future generations. Envision our choice of how to treat Mother Earth.


No ‘right’ answer but lots of questions and emotional information. Exchanging ideas we found common ground in seeking better, deeper relationships – how to treat ourselves and each other. 


Starting with ourselves and moving the energy out to family, friends and beyond.


It seems that everyone is in a fight. What happens when we stop and try something else? We recognize that Chaos leads to change. “I see perfection in Chaos and I am sitting in peace.”


Work of Group 3:

Finding our core, holding space, being integral, finding balance.

We will each ask at least three people, “How do you find your own peace?” within the next month. 


For those who are working already on healing, the question provides an opportunity to go deeper and for those who have not yet started healing, the question may plant the seeds.


Heather’s revised question: “If you have anxiety, either on a personal or more global level, what is it that you do to with your anxiety, how do you find peace?”



Group 4

Members:  Frank, Marie, Cheryl, Deanna, Sarah, Kathy

At least 2 people in the group had the following visions:

Fire = Renew

Growth = Share knowledge or educate

Love over fear.

Action Items:

Keep in touch through email or Facebook


Created a Facebook group for us to use to discuss ideas, post our actions, etc.. (feel free to join!)

"Earth, Spirit’s Art" -


Show appreciation of Mother Earth as individuals. Use only what we need. Pick up trash. Make smart purchases. Share our message.


Shift fear to love of the forever evolving earth. Love that it’s changing and embrace it!


We decided that each of us would take the following action: “Do something to appreciate our Mother Earth through love and not fear”. Generally, we determined that mother earth would continue to change with or without human intervention and instead of living in fear around it, we could embrace her change, love her for it.


The think tank symposium day is now another page in Kimmapii’s history.  Thank you so much to all who attended and took part in initiating a movement to start helping Pachamama.


For those who wanted to attend but were unable to, we will be following up and sending out results from pod work that was done once we receive it from each pod’s spokesperson. 


After the initial journey work was done, the attendees were put into five smaller pods to deliberate on what they had learned during their journeys.  The object was to create a ‘go ahead’ statement in each group and to prompt individuals to action as well.  The willingness of everyone to take action was rewarding.


In addition, one of our community members, Les Hart, trained the group he was with in an ancient Iroquois decision making method that was well received.  In the not too distant future, we will be asking Les to conduct a training day for Kimmapii Community members interested in learning a different way of decision making.


 All groups agreed to start “making a difference”.  The move forward acronym GOYA was championed by Susan Clayton who first sang a heartfelt song then led a rousing cheer for GOYA.


Then… the food.  Pot luck was never so rich.  The tables were groaning under the weight of what people brought to share.  In gratitude, Heather Leslie asked a blessing on the food and the Community.


The people present felt it would be a good idea to have these pot luck get togethers two or three times a year.


Thanks to all who participated,




2017 Was A Terrifying Year. Pacha Mama Is Not Happy

We would like to help!

Kimmapii invites all members of our community, old and new, and their guests to come join us for a FREE AFTERNOON SYMPOSIUM AND THINK TANK on what is happening and how we, as Shaman, can be of service. 

December 10, 2017   1-5pm

Crowsnest Mountain Resort, Crowsnest Pass, AB

Free / Potluck / Everyone Welcome


  • Prolonged FLOODING in Eastern Canada and Eastern US

  • Drought and forest FIRES: Western Canada, Western US & Throughout Europe

  • HURRICANE after HURRICANE bashing the US, Central & South America

  • Massive EARTHQUAKES in New Zealand and Japan

  • SNOW in the Libyan desert

  • EF4 TORNADOS hit Missouri and Texas

  • HEATWAVES around the globe

  • Massive POLITICAL unrest and upheaval

Come together in community. Bring your skills, contribute your thoughts, knowledge  and understanding. Journey with us to Pachamama to learn what we can do to help.  



1:00 PM         Open Sacred Space

1:15 PM         Opening comments

1:30 to 3:00   Journey work / Pod and group work

3:00 to 3:30   Sharing and open mic

3:30 to 5:00   Community meal and social

Bring a dish for Pot-Luck and be sure to sample Marv’s famous buffalo chili.
Please give us a call, text or email if you will be attending so we can plan logistics. 

As Shaman, it is incumbent upon us to try to understand what Pachamama is saying to us and more importantly what we can do to help her.